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UC San Diego
Programmer Analyst
avatar for A. Lee Adams

A. Lee Adams

California State University, East Bay
E-Resources Librarian

Jonathan Allinder

Walden University Library
IT Librarian
avatar for Susan Gardner Archambault

Susan Gardner Archambault

Loyola Marymount University
Head of Reference & Instruction
avatar for Kimberly Arias

Kimberly Arias

Pew Research Center
avatar for Hillel Arnold

Hillel Arnold

Rockefeller Archive Center
Head of Digital Programs

Sarah Arnold

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Content Strategy Librarian
avatar for Tina Baich

Tina Baich

IUPUI University Library
Head, Resource Sharing & Delivery Services
avatar for Calida Barboza

Calida Barboza

Vanderbilt University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Jaime K. Barrilleaux

Jaime K. Barrilleaux

LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network
Web & Communications Manager

Katherine Bartolomea

University of Southern California
Collections Librarian

Nancy Bellafante

University of Pennsylvania Law School
Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Juanita Benedicto

Juanita Benedicto

The Scripps Research Institute
Instruction & Research Librarian
avatar for Sika Berger

Sika Berger

Smith College Libraries
User Experience Librarian
avatar for Rebecca Blakiston

Rebecca Blakiston

University of Arizona Libraries
User Experience Strategist
avatar for Chad Boeninger

Chad Boeninger

Ohio University Libraries
Head of User Services & Business Librarian

Frances Botsford

MIT Libraries
Web product manager and UX specialist
avatar for Josh Boyer

Josh Boyer

North Carolina State University
department head, User Experience
avatar for Ashley Brewer

Ashley Brewer

VCU Libraries
Web Systems Librarian
avatar for Kailey Brisbin

Kailey Brisbin

University of Guelph
Metadata Librarian
avatar for Tina Broomfield

Tina Broomfield

Empire State Library Network
Projects Coordinator

Jennifer Browning

University of Toronto
Metadata Librarian for Electronic Resources

Catherine Bye

University of Hawaii, Law School Library
Technical Services/Acquisitions Librarian

Naomi Camacho

Coastal Bend College
Acquisitions/E-Resources Librarian
avatar for Theresa Carlson

Theresa Carlson

Northern Arizona University
avatar for Todd Carpenter

Todd Carpenter

Executive Director
avatar for Duane Carter

Duane Carter

Seminary of the Southwest
E-Resources Librarian
avatar for Melissa Del Castillo

Melissa Del Castillo

Florida International University (remotely)
Virtual Learning & Outreach Librarian, Art + Architecture Liaison
avatar for Zoe Chao

Zoe Chao

The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State)
User Experience Librarian
avatar for Trish Chatterley

Trish Chatterley

University of Alberta
Collection Strategies Coordinator

Rachael Cohen

Indiana University Bloomington
Discovery User Experience Librarian
avatar for David Comeaux

David Comeaux

Louisiana State University
Discovery Librarian
avatar for Cailean Cooney

Cailean Cooney

City Tech Library, CUNY
avatar for Deirdre Costello

Deirdre Costello

EBSCO Information Services
Director, UX Research

Krista Coulson

University of Chicago Press
Digital Publishing Manager
avatar for Courtney Cunningham

Courtney Cunningham

Trinity University
Communications Coordinator
avatar for Kelly Dagan

Kelly Dagan

Amherst College
Research, Instruction & User Experience Librarian
avatar for Nina Davis-Millis

Nina Davis-Millis

MIT Libraries
Director, Community Support & Staff Development
avatar for Juan Denzer

Juan Denzer

SUNY Oswego Penfield Library
Discovery Services Librarian
avatar for Carrie Bertling Disclafani

Carrie Bertling Disclafani

Johns Hopkins University
Distance Education Librarian
avatar for Mark Dolive

Mark Dolive

Tarrant County College, NE Campus
Director of Library Services
avatar for Philip Dudas

Philip Dudas

University of Minnesota
Information Services Manager
avatar for J. Darcy Duke

J. Darcy Duke

MIT Libraries
Head, UX and Web Services
avatar for Rebecca Egbert Egbert

Rebecca Egbert Egbert

Baylor Health Sciences Library
Web and Electronic Systems Coordinator

Joan Emmet

Yale University
Copyright & Licensing Librarian

Kyla Everall

University of Toronto Libraries
User Services Librarian
avatar for Britt Fagerheim

Britt Fagerheim

Utah State University Libraries

Sara Filion

University of Arizona
Library Information Analyst
avatar for Sari Frances

Sari Frances

Manager of Digital License Compliance
avatar for Jacqueline Frank

Jacqueline Frank

Montana State University Library
Software & Computer Support Specialist

Kate Fuller

University of Connecticut
Head of Reference & Curriculum Services
avatar for Trish - Patrizia Gagliardi

Trish - Patrizia Gagliardi

Library of Parliament
Electronic Services Librarian
avatar for Mary Galvin

Mary Galvin

University of Oregon
Systems Librarian
avatar for Lisa Gayhart

Lisa Gayhart

University of Toronto Libraries
User Experience Librarian
avatar for Gabriela Castro Gessner

Gabriela Castro Gessner

Cornell University Library
Research & Assessment Analyst
avatar for Naomi Gonzales

Naomi Gonzales

University of Houston-Downtown
Web Management Librarian
avatar for Allyssa Guzman

Allyssa Guzman

University of Texas Libraries
Digital Scholarship Librarian
avatar for Jessica van Haaften

Jessica van Haaften

Texas Tech University Libraries
User Experience Library Associate

Stephanie Hartman

MIT Libraries
UX Specialist
avatar for Vaughan Hennen

Vaughan Hennen

Dakota State University
Digital Design and Access Librarian

Rick Heyser

Tarrant County College
Director,Records & Collection Management
avatar for Kate Hill

Kate Hill

University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for SuHui (Sue) Ho

SuHui (Sue) Ho

UC San Diego Library
avatar for Miiya Holmes

Miiya Holmes

St. Edward's University
User Experience and Discovery Librarian
avatar for Lisa Horowitz

Lisa Horowitz

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries
Program Head, Liaison and Information Services
avatar for Matt Hoy

Matt Hoy

Mayo Clinic
Associate Director of Libraries
avatar for Lee-Sean Huang

Lee-Sean Huang

Co-Founder/Creative Director
avatar for Lorri Huddy

Lorri Huddy

CTW Library Consortium
Librarian for Collaborative Projects

Dylan Hurd

University of Arkansas
Web Developer
avatar for Julie James

Julie James

Walden University
Health Sciences Librarian
avatar for Christopher M. Jimenez

Christopher M. Jimenez

Florida International University Libraries
Web Services Librarian
avatar for Kris Johnson

Kris Johnson

MSU Library, Montana State University Bozeman
Head, Learning and Research Services Department
avatar for Rhonda Kauffman

Rhonda Kauffman

Bibliographic Metadata Associate
avatar for Jessica Keyes

Jessica Keyes

Johns Hopkins University
User Experience Analyst
avatar for Amy Kimura

Amy Kimura

Rutgers University
Web Services Librarian
avatar for Jesse Koennecke

Jesse Koennecke

Cornell University
Director, Acquisitions & E-Resource Licensing
avatar for Roxanne Korpal-Gosvener

Roxanne Korpal-Gosvener

U.S. Coast Guard Academy Library
Library Technician
avatar for Xiaoli Li

Xiaoli Li

UC Davis Library
Head of Content Support Services

Elizabeth Lightfoot

Florida International University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Aimee Lind

Aimee Lind

Getty Research Library
Reference Librarian
avatar for Lacey Mamak

Lacey Mamak

Normandale Community College
Electronic Resources Librarian

Rachel Manning

Middlebury College - MDY
Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
avatar for Angela Maranville

Angela Maranville

West Virginia University Libraries
Interim Director, KARM
avatar for Mary Marissen

Mary Marissen

Swarthmore College Library
User Experience and Assessment Librarian
avatar for Joe Marquez

Joe Marquez

Reed College
Social Sciences & User Experience Librarian
avatar for Bonnie Martinez

Bonnie Martinez

Title I Technology Specialist
avatar for Kayla B McNabb

Kayla B McNabb

Virginia Tech
Teaching & Learning Engagement Consultant
avatar for Vitorio Miliano

Vitorio Miliano

User experience (UX) research, design, facilitation, strategy
avatar for Vitorio Miliano

Vitorio Miliano

User experience (UX) research, design, facilitation, strategy
avatar for Carrie Moran

Carrie Moran

Head of User Services/User Experience Librarian
California State University San Marcos
avatar for Valentina Neblitt-Jones

Valentina Neblitt-Jones

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Metadata Librarian

Jenn Nolte

Yale University
UX Research Librarian
avatar for Rob O'Connell

Rob O'Connell

Smith College
Director of Discovery and Access
avatar for Danielle Ostendorf

Danielle Ostendorf

University of Minnesota Duluth
Electronic Resources & Serials Librarian
avatar for Jennifer Reiswig

Jennifer Reiswig

UC San Diego
avatar for Jess Rios

Jess Rios

Harvard Law School Library
Emerging Technologies and Assessment Librarian

anne rojas

Walden University
avatar for Patti Rushing

Patti Rushing

Panola College
Electronic Resources Coordinator
avatar for Margarita Zamora Saunders

Margarita Zamora Saunders

Oregon State University
Acq. & Collection Maintenance Manager
avatar for Kristofer Scheid

Kristofer Scheid

Hamline University Library System - Bush Memorial Library
Learning Environments Librarian

Charlene Sciamanna

Regional Director
avatar for Danielle Sell

Danielle Sell

Meeting & Event Planner
avatar for Jackie Sipes

Jackie Sipes

Temple University
Emerging Technologies Librarian
avatar for Meghan Sitar

Meghan Sitar

University of Michigan
Director of Connected Scholarship
avatar for Sergei Smirnov

Sergei Smirnov

East View Information Services
Senior Manager, Online Publishing
avatar for Kristin Sullivan

Kristin Sullivan

University of Texas at Austin and University of Texas at Austin Libraries
Business Analyst
avatar for Cody Taylor

Cody Taylor

University of Oklahoma Libraries
Emerging Technologies Librarian

Jason Thomale

University of North Texas Libraries
Resource Discovery Systems Librarian

Joelle Thomas

University of Connecticut
User Experience & Media Technologies Librarian
avatar for Sandy Tijerina

Sandy Tijerina

avatar for Michelle Valiani

Michelle Valiani

Channel Partner Manager
avatar for Kimberly Vardeman

Kimberly Vardeman

Texas Tech University Libraries
User Experience Librarian
avatar for Kathy Varjabedian

Kathy Varjabedian

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Electronic Access Librarian

Niamh Wallace

University of Arizona Libraries
Assistant Librarian

Sidrah MG Watson

MSU Library
Staff Supervisor
avatar for Doug Wayman

Doug Wayman

Southern Utah University
UX Librarian/LM Assistant Prof
avatar for Heather Westerlund

Heather Westerlund

Walden University Library
Associate Director for IT, Collections, & Innovation
avatar for Jaci Wilkinson

Jaci Wilkinson

University of Montana
Web Services Librarian

Amber Willenborg

University of Louisville
Online Learning & Digital Media Librarian

Phil Willke

State Library of Ohio
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Tessa Withorn

Tessa Withorn

Spalding University Library
Instruction and Learning Services Librarian
avatar for Amy Work

Amy Work

UC San Diego Library
GIS Librarian

Yumi Yaguchi

Medical Library, Florida Intlernational University
Knowledge Resource Development Librarian
avatar for Scott W. H. Young

Scott W. H. Young

Montana State University
Digital Initiatives Librarian
avatar for Jen-chien Yu

Jen-chien Yu

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Coordinator of Library Assessment